The benefits of L-Carnitine for pet weightloss

According to Euromonitor 2018 a rise in pet obesity saw many pet owners searching the shelves to find functional foods which are specific for weight management. Within the Super Premium, Naturals and Grain Free ranges “light” products have been specifically formulated with added ingredients to help with managing a pet’s weight. Your light recipes, are 15% lower in fat compared to standard adult products in order to aid weight reduction. As it is the calories which are reduced, this does not mean that a pet has to eat less, they can still consume a normal amount of their food (as per the feeding guide). However, it’s also very important to take in to account any extras (treats) that pets may be given and adjust the daily amount of food given accordingly. For effective weight loss diets and exercise go hand. in hand!


Your light recipes have added L-Carnitine – an amino acid which promotes lean muscle development. L-Carnitine promotes the conversion of fat to muscle for lean muscle development. This works by transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria within cells where they can be “burned up” and used as fuel. L-Carnitine has other added benefits which include helping to enhance brain function, reducing muscle damage and regulating blood sugar levels.

Which of your recipes are specific for weight management?

  • Grain Free Light Trout with Salmon, Sweet Potato & Asparagus
  • Grain Free Light Turkey, Sweet Potato & Cranberry
  • Super Premium Light
  • Naturals Turkey Light

According to Euromonitor 2018 Pet products that focus on weight management, exercise and functionality have recently displayed growth in their retail value and are expected to perform well over the next 5 years.To see specific data on this increase, why not view our previous post surrounding obesity in pets? Click on the link below…

Obesity in pets on the rise…